Amazon testing a Generative AI tool to write product description for sellers

We have already mentioned that Amazon has been in the e-commerce space before we were even aware about what e-commerce is, and that is the reason why the company is dominating the space right now. This is simply because Amazon already researched everything regarding the space and knew what to do and it did so by failure and errors too. However, the company knows that it enjoyed low competition all this while but its competition is heating up these days with the rise of Shopify-owned stores from people who are taking its market bit-by-bit. This is the reason why Amazon knows that it can’t relax right now.

Due to this reason, we have a report from The Information that Amazon is testing a Generative AI tool which helps its sellers write a product description along with bullet points for its main features and more. As per the report, “Sellers can enter keywords that describe their product, and the AI responds with a potential title and details for the listing”. Amazon’s spokesperson confirmed “that they are testing AI solutions for sellers to craft product details that appeal to customers”. It is also known that this tool is being offered to select sellers at the moment as part of a pilot program.

It is worth noting that “The company’s strict guidelines for product descriptions ensure that details are reviewed for compliance by Amazon. These policies cover everything from compliance with relevant style guides to avoiding using HTML, JavaScript, or offensive content. Sellers must accurately describe their products, avoid creating duplicate pages for existing products, and adhere to specific guidelines for variations and listing styles, including character limits for product titles”. On one hand, we do acknowledge the fact that this tool will make the life of sellers extremely easy by letting them get product descriptions written through AI as they are already generic in nature and mostly a repeat of what others are writing. However, we also feel that this will remove the human touch when it comes to genuinely written descriptions but we will have to wait and see how this turns out.

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