Amazon tests two-hour delivery in some US cities with Rite Aid

One of the main reasons why people prefer to buy online rather than going to shop physically at any store is basically the price difference as well as discounts they get from the e-commerce stores. The competition in that department has become so cut-throat that e-commerce players have to shell a lot of money to attract customers. However, now that physical stores are also giving the same discounts and matching their prices with e-commerce players, the e-commerce players have started doing experiments with faster delivery.

For example, you must have heard that companies like Amazon and Walmart have started their programs where they deliver products for free in just 24 hours or even the same day when you have subscribed to them. However, we now have reports that Amazon has started two-hour delivery pilots in select US cities thanks to a partnership with company named Rite Aid. Rite Aid delivers products such as health and personal care, cosmetics and grocery essentials in US cities such as California, Burbank, New Jersey and Newark.

An Amazon spokesperson said, “Rite Aid’s availability on Amazon provides our local Prime members in Newark, New Jersey, and Burbank, California, with even more selection and convenience as they continue to shop for health and personal care, cosmetics and grocery essentials online and trust they will be delivered to their door fast,”. He added, “We’re consistently looking for ways to offer more choice, flexibility and value for Prime members, so we look forward to expanding our two-hour delivery window offering to more Rite Aid locations in the future.”

This is even more interesting because of the fact that Amazon already has a delivery service named Amazon Pharmacy where it delivers prescription medicines. Apart from that, Amazon has partnered with third-party suppliers to deliver these products faster as well. Amazon’s Buy with Prime feature was also opened up for other retailers where they can sell their products under the Amazon Prime brand and deliver the products faster. It is worth noting that when Amazon customers see the Prime tag on products, they immediately feel enticed to buy the products because of faster delivery times and other benefits.

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