Construction-focused last-mile logistics platform, Curri, raises $42M

You must have seen that there are logistics startups being started all around the world that are focused on different sectors of the industry. We now have a new logistics platform named Curri that is focused on the Construction sector of our market. Also, this logistics platform is focused on last-mile delivery and its founders Lafferty and Gonzalez say that they started this platform in order to save on operational costs and convert more sales as well as solve inefficiencies in construction.

Lafferty, in his statement, said: “Curri provides last-mile logistics for construction and industrial supplies.” “By offering end-to-end logistics services and a nationwide elastic fleet, our customers can quickly and securely deliver complex loads ranging from heavy machinery to lighter loads such as pipes, pallets, large appliances and water heaters”. He adds that “Curri delivers on-demand, last-mile logistics for construction with a nationwide fleet of cars, trucks and flatbeds. Curri users arrange an order, open the Curri app and enter pickup and drop-off locations to book the service. Curri’s drivers then pick up the supplies and ensure the order is correct before fulfilling the delivery”. On top of that, “Curri offers live updates via the app to let customers follow and share the status of their deliveries. It also provides proof-of-delivery signature and photos for tracking and compliance purposes.”

He added that “The Curri platform provides unprecedented visibility into all aspects of the last mile supply chain, from real-time tracking to historical analytics and reporting, segmented down to the branch and customer level, giving the C-Suite the level of insight that they need to manage their business effectively.” “Macroeconomic headwinds and uncertainty only help Curri since we help our customers save money, increase sales, and reduce risk. Curri has grown revenue over the last year and has a line of sight to profitability.” In addition to this, the company has also launched an API that can be used by others to book vehicles on demand and plan routes to reduce the number of unnecessary miles. Curri’s Series B round of $42M makes it a total of $48.2M raised by the platform to date.

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