Djust is a new e-commerce platform only focused on B2B transactions

You must have heard about the likes of Amazon and Walmart which are the famously known retailers in the world. It is worth noting that they focus on the B2C side of things which is because they sell directly to their consumers rather than to businesses. However, there are businesses out there that only sell to other businesses and not to the consumers. This is the main difference between a B2C brand and a B2B brand and today we are reporting about a brand that has decided to focus on the B2B side of things to become one of the biggest players in that particular segment of the market.

We are talking about Djust which is a French startup that wants to build an e-commerce platform like Mirakl but for B2B transactions only. It is also worth noting that the company just raised a funding round of $13M along with its seed round of $4M back in 2020. If you want to get an idea about what Mirakl does, you can take a guess just from its competitors such as Adobe Commerce, Salesforce Commerce and Shopify which are in the same industry. Mirakl also started as a B2C startup with an aim to help launch a marketplace of third-party sellers on an e-commerce website. Over time, Mirakl has also shifted to B2B transactions and that is where the inspiration for Djust comes from.

As far as Djust is concerned, it has decided to focus only on B2B transactions and it “bridges the gap between legacy systems and its modern platform. It can connect with ERP systems and make data actionable”. Also, with Djust, you can manage your catalog as well as your clients and their orders just from a single platform. It is also possible with Djust to show clients different prices depending on what they agreed on when they signed the original contract. You can also enable a bidding process or facilitate re-orders for clients that mostly want to resupply their stores. The company says that their generic e-commerce platform can work with most businesses out there and can be used as a headless platform as well.

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