Levi’s to test AI-generated models for its E-Commerce sites

You must have heard about the huge brand which is Levi Strauss and Co. which is popularly known as Levi’s and you might already know that they have a strong presence in both the online as well as offline market which means they have their commerce department sorted. Other than that, there has been a huge rise in the AI development around the world in the last 12 months which has contributed to the rise of tools like ChatGPT and others like MidJourney. Talking about AI, it looks like Levi’s being such a major brand is not scared of innovation and testing.

This is because Levi’s just announced that they are going to test out AI-generated models on their e-commerce sites. This means that the photos you see in the product listings on Levi’s websites will now have a AI-generated model instead of the real models as part of its testing. This is done after they have partnered with an AI company named LaLaLand.ai and the plan for Levi’s is to increase the diversity of its models and its numbers as well.

Right now, we have observed that the same models can be seen on product listings for most brands and if you are talking about a particular size such as a “plus size” model then the same face can be seen on Levi’s, H&M as well as other brands as well which means that there is no differentiation between them. LS & Co.’s global head of digital and emerging technology strategy said, “We see fashion and technology as both an art and a science, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with LaLaLand, a company with such high-quality technology that can help us continue on our journey for a more diverse and inclusive customer experience,”

She added that “While AI will likely never fully replace human models for us, we are excited for the potential capabilities this may afford us for the consumer experience,” meaning that the jobs of models are not in immediate danger right now but it seems like the future for them is scary because this will definitely make the company think about the possibilities of innovation as well as cost-savings.

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