Newegg integrates ChatGPT in its PC Builder tool to improve online shopping experience

Everyone in the world knows about the major e-commerce players in the US such as Amazon, Walmart and BestBuy but did you know that Newegg also commands a good amount of customer base in the country and it is one of the leading brands in the traditional commerce of the US. While most of these traditional commerce players have not really taken advantage of their position in the e-commerce space, they are still a force to reckon with. Having said that, these players are now catching up and the rise of ChatGPT has made it even faster.

Newegg has just announced that they have integrated ChatGPT into their website on a tool they had already developed a long time. On the Newegg website, you can find a PC builder tool which helps customers get the desired build by assembling various parts such as CPU, RAM, Monitor and other parts needed to build a PC. With the help of ChatGPT, this process can become faster and easier for the customers.

Newegg says “We’re always evaluating our e-commerce technology to ensure we’re providing the best customer experience. Through testing, we’ve proven that ChatGPT has a practical use for Newegg based on the added quality and efficiency it creates”. Apart from the PC Builder tool, the ChatGPT integration can also be seen on Newegg’s website text and customer service chat as well as search engine optimization purposes. Also, Newegg tested and found good results when using ChatGPT for their customer email subject lines which was determined by the better open rates so they are utilizing the tool in that area as well.

Newegg’s Lucy Huo says “Our customers are among the population’s most knowledgeable regarding the latest technology because they assemble often complex tech products. Customers should expect Newegg to deploy the most advanced technology for their shopping experience and ChatGPT currently enables this,” and added that “We deployed ChatGPT to improve content both on-site and off-site to help customers find what they want and elevate their experience. AI doesn’t replace employees, but it adds resources, so employees are available to handle more complex projects. We’re still in the early phases of AI, but the benefits for e-commerce may be substantial.”

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