Rally raises $12M to build the future of E-commerce checkouts

If you followed the e-commerce space during the first year of the pandemic, you would have felt that there is no business better than the one where you sell online. As the time passed by, you would have still felt like the e-commerce way is the correct way to operate your business and brick-and-mortar stores will be gone. Fast forward to today, you would feel like the brick-and-mortar stores are here to stay along with e-commerce which is an industry that has slowed down the most after the effects of pandemic have evaporated. Talking about the same, it was also the sector that took off the most so everything that goes up has to come down as well.

Now, a new startup named Rally has decided to do something with the e-commerce checkout page and think about its future. Rally’s CEO says, “E-commerce had a moment during the global pandemic, but not only have things chilled since then, it’s gotten downright competitive as the economy cooled in the past year”. He added that “Founders in this space used to speak of optimism, but that has turned into realism, and people are more careful,”. “The pie seems to have stopped growing, and there’s more ferocious competition for what’s left in that pie.”

Rally is a startup that provides headless-as-a-service to major firms that provide either front-end or backend services to their clients. The term headless basically means to change the front end or back end of any product without affecting the other components. Rally says it is already working with more than 50 e-commerce merchants right now and it provides “one-click checkout with payment processing and tools for post-purchase offers that turns the purchase into a multi-revenue channel by allowing the merchant to inject offers after the checkout”.

Rally’s CEO says that “We want to establish a reputation as the best choice when a merchant is looking to either upgrade their checkout or build a new site without having to build their own checkout,” and adds that “You can’t just build it and leave it alone, so merchants are looking for a partner that they can trust so they can focus on what they’re best at.”

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