Shopify releases a calculator tool showing users the cost of meetings

We all know that Shopify has become a pioneer in the e-commerce industry similar to WordPress, which is open-source, being the go-to platform when it comes to blogs and other websites. Shopify’s excellence in the e-commerce industry comes down to their innovation and shipping new features at the right time which others couldn’t and they were in the right industry at the right time as well. Talking about the features available on Shopify, it is worth noting that a new feature has just been shipped by the team at Shopify which is very unique and tells you the value of time, literally.

It is worth noting that Shopify’s meetings cost the company a lot apparently and “The average 30-minute meeting with three employees at the company costs between $700-$1600” as per an internal note shared by the company to CNN. “By getting rid of even three meetings a week per person, Shopify estimates it will see a 15% reduction in overall costs”, the company notes. Shopify wrote in an internal memo to its employees that “[W]e have seen meeting creep seep back in and we needed to take immediate action,” and added that “Time is money, and it should be spent on helping our merchants succeed or having fun – meetings frequently do neither.” It also mentioned that “The Meeting Cost Calculator is here to challenge the status quo, nudging us to reconsider meeting necessity and explore more creative collaboration methods,”

It is known that Shopify also took steps to “reduce unnecessary meetings in January by doing away with all previously scheduled recurring meetings involving three or more people. It also enforced meeting-free Wednesdays and limited large meetings with over 50 people to a six-hour window on Thursdays” as per CNN’s report. Now, we know that meetings are boring and generally hated by employees a lot and they even say that “this could have been an email” or a “video call would have done the same thing” which tells you that the meetings kill time and don’t add any value to the team building. However, Shopify being such a big company and still coming out against meetings in such a way is very refreshing to see.

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