Uber will now pick up your return orders and deliver them to USPS, FedEx and UPS

Well, we have said this earlier as well and we will say this again that in order to nail an e-commerce business, you will have to not only take care of your production as well as delivery but you will have to take care of the customer service as well and it includes handling returns as well as refunds and this is where Amazon has streamlined everything and is reaping the rewards of what they saw in the last decade. Talking about these benefits, Amazon has a no-questions-asked returns policy which means that you can buy anything from the platform without the fear of getting scammed. However, we see that a lot of people take advantage of this policy as well.

Anyways, we now have a new announcement from Uber and the company is cleverly trying to use its already-established network of delivery drivers in order to arrange return pickups from customers as well. As we all know, there are e-commerce companies that need you to ship the products back to them in order to provide you an exchange or a refund so you have to use services such as FedEx, UPS, USPS or others. For that, you will have to drop off your packages at their locations and Uber is trying to make it easier for you.

The company has just announced that apart from picking you up from the airport, they will now also help you return the packages to delivery companies in exchange of a flat fee which is $5 for regular customers and $3 for Uber’s Premium customers. Uber announced that its return service “allows customers to send up to five packages at a time for a $5 flat fee or $3 for Uber One members. Drivers will pick up the packages and drop them off at UPS, FedEx or USPS.” It added, “Return a package” is available in dozens of major metro areas across the country and will exist in addition to the Uber Connect program” for the US as of now. Uber’s guidelines mention that “Packages that are shipped through Uber Connect must be prepaid, sealed and ready to be shipped. Additionally, packages must weigh less than 30 pounds and be under $100 in value.”

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