Amazon sellers start using ChatGPT to help write product listings

We all know that the benefits of ChatGPT in the e-commerce space are immense and a lot of companies are already taking advantage of the fact that they can do anything with this AI technology while reducing costs to a great extent. Now, it is interesting to note that since AI and ChatGPT can generate text and this can be used in product listings, it is what Amazon sellers are doing now. It has been reported that Amazon sellers have started using ChatGPT to generate product listings and are starting to sell their products online based on what the AI describes.

While the customers won’t know if the product listing they are reading is written by a script writer with actual product specifications or an AI, it should not matter as long as the things written are easily readable and understood by the buyers. One particular seller on Amazon wanted to “spice up” his product’s description on the website, and so he took the help of ChatGPT to write the description for him. He was selling a vacuum cleaner hose on Amazon, so his options to generate a catchy title were limited. Still, he gave ChatGPT a prompt to “generate 5 insanely clever and catchy headlines”.

One of the catchy titles that ChatGPT generated was “Dirt destroying air flow,” and he said that this was something “I would have never in a million years thought of that for a vacuum hose.” Those who have used ChatGPT to generate titles have said that this can make the process of selling on Amazon more lucrative and if done correctly, it can result in increased sales as well. JungleScout CTO described ChatGPT as being “one of those technologies that is going to fundamentally change everything we do in our lives,”. He also believes that it won’t be long before ChatGPT transforms from an AI product to just being an aid for people’s productivity similar to calculators and spell checkers from the past. He believes it will soon become a norm to generate titles using AI and the idea of copywriters writing a title would be very rare.

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