Walmart’s redesigned website to increase sales looks a lot like Amazon’s

We know that e-commerce players in the market, especially the giants, need to do something extraordinary in order to attract more customers to its website compared to the others so that they can drive more traffic and eventually convert them to get better sales. Now, you might be aware that the current market leader in the e-commerce industry is Amazon and it is also truly understood that it has one of the least attractive website in the entire industry. However, it comes down to the fact that every thing that you get on Amazon’s website works and it is thoughtfully put in place and not just a gimmick. This is also the reason why Amazon’s website is simple and boring as well as outdated but it works.

Now, it looks like Walmart is following Amazon’s footsteps as they have rolled out a redesigned version of their website and app. From the first impressions, it looks like Walmart’s new website is just another copy of Amazon with blue accents rather than Amazon’s brand identity. Having said that, we know that Walmart’s team must have understood that Amazon is getting better sales conversion due to their website and app and customers already know how to shop on Amazon. So it does make sense to make a replica of Amazon for their own website and app so customers who come to them also know where to look for what and then it only becomes the difference of pricing and nothing else.

Having said that, no one can argue in the fact that Amazon’s customer service is compared to no one else in the industry and this was the case a decade back and still is the case right now. Even after this many years of e-commerce shopping, no one has been able to match Amazon’s customer support which is top-notch. The reason being that most of the major e-commerce players are not focusing on the customer experience which Amazon has always done. Walmart’s chief e-commerce officer said, “The new homepage offers a product-focused experience that better mirrors the way our customers love to shop, highlighting the items that matter most to them at any given moment,”

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