Indian e-commerce firm Myntra unveils ‘Maya’, its virtual fashion influencer

You must have seen that there is a lot of hype related to AI and Virtual Reality and the fact that ChatGPT and the launch of Bard has made it even quicker is a testament to all the techies out there who think fast on their feet and make new innovations in the market. It is worth noting that Levi’s announced few months ago that they are going to launch a virtual model that will be used across all of their product listings to showcase their products to its customers. Now, an Indian e-commerce brand has gone one step further and launched a virtual fashion influencer named Maya, which by the way means Money in English.

It is worth noting that the growth of fashion influencers in the Indian fashion industry has been immense and their reach has also boosted the sales of fashion brands in the country. This is the reason why influencers work with brands to get them customers and they get the money as well as engagement in return. However, with the launch of Myntra’s Maya, it is possible that this relationship won’t last longer as companies will now have their own virtual influencers as well.

In a statement, Myntra said “The launch of Maya solidifies that position further by harnessing the potential of the immersive Myntra virtual universe to engage our GenZ shoppers more effectively, right in time for EORS-18 (starting June 1). Maya embodies the very essence of Myntra’s core values, democratizing fashion through technology and championing inclusivity and empowerment. Maya is set to become the ultimate ‘style hacker’ setting new benchmarks in the fashion world with her on-trend and experimental approach that will surely win the hearts of fashionistas across the country.”

Myntra says that Maya is a student based out of Bangalore and says that “She is confident, opinionated yet empathetic, and a warm-hearted humanoid. This Gemini multitasks whilst being a student as a virtual influencer for her Instagram with a growing base of 177K followers, who keep up with her for fashion and make-up inspiration, and her wholesome relatable content”. Her Instagram can be found at maya_unlimited.

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