Superdry reportedly wants to outsource its e-commerce business to Shopify

If you follow the fashion industry or have an enthusiasm about clothing, then you must have heard of the famous brand named Superdry. It is worth noting that this brand was and still is one of the best for premium clothing for men and women. However, it is worth noting that the economic conditions in the UK and USA are such that even Superdry is also feeling the pinch. It is worth noting that Superdry is a brand based out of the UK and it is also taking cost-cutting measures inside its organization. You must be aware that Superdry does have an e-commerce division as well.

Now, we have got reports that Superdry is in talks with Canda’s Shopify to offload their e-commerce business to be run by the Canadian company that is already high due to the e-commerce boom. UK’s The Times reports that “Superdry has recently been attempting to streamline its processes in an effort to return to profitability” and it further adds that the company has been “in talks with third-party providers about its e-commerce business” but the report also adds that any outcome is unlikely to have come from these meetings.

Also, it should be noted that “Starting from its home market and extending to other regional markets, Cowell will own and use the Superdry brand in Asia-Pacific, including China” which was after Superdry’s intellectual property rights were sold to Cowell Fashion Company from South Korea in the APAC region for about $50 million. However, it is worth noting that Superdry will run its business in regions such as India, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as Sri Lanka and New Zealand as these regions are not included in the deal.

It clearly shows that Superdry is a company that is struggling to survive in the market and it is quite sad to see the effects that this pandemic has had on such companies which were once loved by people. It is indeed true that the fans of Superdry will be sad to see the state of their favourite brand but it is also a reminder to go out there and shop from your favourite brand so that the brand survives this struggling phase.

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