Pando, an AI-powered supply chain startup, raises $30M investment

We all know that supply chain management is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to e-commerce right now as it is a very tricky area to manage and it is not possible to handle everything all alone which is the reason why people outsource it to other companies. This is where Pando comes in as it is an AI-powered supply chain startup that aims to solve the problems that logistics companies are facing. Pando is basically a software-as-a-service company that provides supply chain management software for global logistics companies to manage their supply chain effectively. The main part that differentiates Pando from others is that customers can build their own tools using Pando’s API as well.

Pando’s CEO Nitin Jayakrishnan said, “We will not expand into new industries or adjacent product areas,”. “Great talent is the foundation of the business — we will continue to augment our teams at all levels of the organization. Pando is also open to exploring strategic partnerships and acquisitions with this round of funding.”

He added, “Supply chain leaders were trying to build their own tech and throwing people at the problem,”. “This caught our attention — we spent months talking to and building for enterprise users at warehouses, factories, freight yards and ports and eventually, in 2018, decided to start Pando to solve for global logistics through a software-as-a-service platform offering.” Describing more about his company, Nitin added that “Pando comes pre-integrated with leading enterprise resource planning (ERPs) systems and has ready APIs and a professional services team to integrate with any new ERPs and enterprise systems.” “Pando’s no-code capabilities enable business users to customize the apps while maintaining platform integrity — reducing the need for IT resources for each customization.”

Talking about the current financial situation at Pando, its CEO said further that “Pando has a strong balance sheet and profit and loss statement, with an eye on profitable growth,”. “We’re are scaling operations in North America, Europe and India with marquee customer wins and a network of strong partners … Pando is well-positioned to ride this growth wave, and drive supply chain agility for the 2030 economy.”

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